The webpage is dedicated to recipes for lactose-intolerant people, and has an average of 150,000 monthly visits. This page is rated 551,530 on the Alexa global ranking of the world’s most popular websites.

Advertising is managed via the WP QUADS PRO plugin and the webpage was optimised with a WP Performance Score Booster. Recipes are displayed with the help of WP Recipe Maker Premium.

The website was initially created by another company that modified ZookaStudio’s Almond theme. Modifications made included adaptations to view the website on mobile phones; I was later hired to maintain the page. My primary work involved optimising the website to make it faster and obtaining a good score on the Google PageSpeed Insights, as well as managing AMP ads.

This webpage is well known for being one of the best Spanish cooking websites for lactose intolerant people. The website’s author has won online prizes, has published a book, and has also appeared on TV on more than one occasion.