Laser processing group

This is the website of the laser processing group of the CSIC’s institute of optics
They are a high level scientific research group specialised in the field of Study and development of photonic materials and techniques for producing, processing or manipulating photons, by means of nanostructured materials.

This group asked me to design their website and I prepared this one, trying to combine the seriousness of any scientific research group and the innovative air of state-of-the-art technology of the work area they develop

The website is made at Divi, so it is very easy for them to maintain the content and even make small changes of appearance by themselves, always having me to help them in more delicate changes or maintenance tasks

It is an informative website with different sections, including a blog with two categories of news, a page in which they explain and offer their services to technology companies, a staff page and a very detailed page with the most important publications of the group

For this group we have also designed posters for events they organise, such as this poster for a course they give every year