This is the website of the Instituto de Química Médica del Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (“Board of the Medical Chemistry Institute for Scientific Research”); it receives more than 7000 visits a month and has around 100 staff members.

This institute is dedicated to researching new medicines for various conditions such as AIDS, cancer, or the less well known Chagas Disease.

 This page consists of a public part that is general to the whole institute, an institutional intranet, and is then separated into ten different research groups. The latter, for political and organisational reasons, is separated into ten separate webpages with ten different aesthetic designs, which translates into significant maintenance work to ensure that all of these webpages are live and coordinated.

 There are several sections of the webpage such as the staff and publications lists that are linked to external databases such that content is automatically updated.

This institute also offers a chemical library in the form of an online store for which access is restricted to the scientific sector. Here other research centres can order chemical compounds via a search module created in Python that has a panel in which parts of the molecule being searched for can be drawn. Searches can also be carried out by looking for other chemical properties. 

This is an old website that I’ve been working on for 11 years and that I redid entirely from a static webpage. This redesign was carried out inline with the style guide from the agency in charge of the page as well as the growth and changes of the institute itself. 

In terms of content, this is an extensive webpage that requires a significant amount of maintenance work as changes are almost always being made to one section or another. Additionally, given that this site belongs to a research institute, it has very unique web programming requirements.


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