The parents’ webpage for the Ramiro de Maetzu public school has close to 1000 members who are either parents of teachers of students.

The vast majority of the school’s parents are signed up to the AMPA and via the aforementioned webpage can access many of the school’s services. The page includes an information section, a virtual store where extracurricular activities, excursions, and membership fess can be paid. There are also several spaces in which parents can share opinions and suggestions related to published news.

The webpage also has orientation sections for newly arrived parents to access information about the school’s workings.

The page’s backend has an integrated administrative report creation system with a AP All Import/Export plugin to enable easier web management. New users are created via the User Meta Pro plugin.

The webpage also had to be designed to accept multiple users with the same email so that one parent be able to access the accounts of their multiple children.